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21 Property Management Testimonials


For years I tried to manage my own properties and it was tough getting my property up to code and time after time, my maintenance costs took out every ounce of profit I thought i would make. A friend told me to talk to 21 property managers, they turned his investment properties around quick and made them profitable in 6 months.

When I was younger, i could handle multiple properties and even a small apartment complex i had, overtime it got tougher and tougher to keep up with all the paperwork, payments and the tenants. I decided to give 21 property management a call and life's never been better. Overall, my time and mistakes i would make regularly, made me more money using this team of pros

With 21 property management I can go out and do what i love, find and build units that I'm good at. In the end, Im like a big corporation, and 21 property management is my partner, they handle the units as I buy and build new ones and grow. Last thing I like dealing with is tenant issues, because I'm just not suited to do that, as much as buy and build. Thanks to a super professional team.

Over the years I've worked with a few different property management companies, and overtime each has had some issues. For example, my first try was with a one man shop, and that was more headache then it was worth, then I went with this huge property management company and then I felt like a number. When I ran into 21 it was just right, really professional, they could handle commercial, residential, and apartments. Just a great team and they really care about the investors. Thanks