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21 Property Management Services


Property Inspection

21 Property Management has a full time employee whose sole job is to do nothing, but property inspections. These property inspections take place quarterly, but make sure to be mindful of the given tenants schedule and privacy. Notes will always be taken. The notes cover areas such as facility maintenance, floor/wall condition and exterior conditions as well. Property Management companies always try to respect and keep the privacy of the tenant in mind when inspecting. It is for this reason that pictures are only taken when there is a serious issue on the property. All inspection notes are reported back to you the property owner and you will be notified immediately if something is amiss.

Advertising your property

In order for your property to be rented for the best possible market price the public must be aware of it's presence. This is where the rental property advertising comes into play. Here at 21 Property Management have many advertising strategies to ensure that your property gets the perfect amount of advertising and exposure. A top way in which property management companies advertise your property is through their website.

Property Management companies will provide prospective tenants with detailed information about your property. This information may include as much as the properties market rent, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the provided amenities, and pictures of the properties exterior and interior. The above information will not only be posted to the companies website, but the company will also take the time to post the information to their profiles on websites such as Zillow, Craigslist, rent.com, rentalhomesplus.com, and many more.

By posting the property information on the above sites, maximum exposure is gained for the property. When viewing the property, prospective tenants will most likely have questions and/or further inquiries. It is for this reason that the property management companies phone number will be listed under the property shown. A representative or showing agent will be available to answer further inquiries when prospective tenants call the given number. Although most of your property exposure will most likely come through the tactic described above, traditional tactics are still used. "For Rent" or "For Sale" signs will be posted in given yards and flyers may be dispersed. Once a property is properly advertised and a tenant has shown interest, the next step is a tenant application.


All tenant complaints and inquiries are directed to 21 property management's 24 hour hotline for any questions and concerns regarding the rental property. We then process the issue or inquiry and takes care of it. A report of the interaction is always sent back to you, as the property owner. Issues and inquiries that are more serious/expensive etc. are always run past you, the property owner before action is taken.

A good example of a landlord/tenant interaction is maintenance issues. When notified of a maintenance issue by a tenant, property management companies notify a vendor to repair the issue. It is only for maintenance issues that exceed $500.00 that property management services contact you. Property management services will provide you a detailed account of the issue and why the cost is such, upon your approval a vendor will be called to fix that issue as well. As the property owner you are responsible and will be billed for all property management issues.

Another example of landlord/tenant communication would be a situation where a tenant breaks something on the property. When a tenant breaks something on the property it is the tenants responsibility to pay for it. The tenant is to notify the landlord, however if they fail to it is the property management companies' inspection employee who is responsible for discovering the damage. The bill for the damage will be added to the given tenant's bill for the month.

A final example of landlord/tenant communication would be eviction. Whatever the reason for eviction may be, a court hearing is usually scheduled within 10-14 business days from which the file was sent. If the court rules in favor of the property owner, the tenant then has 10 days to vacate the premises or make an acceptable payment arrangement. If the tenant fails to do either, then the case falls into the hands of the law. Cases vary depending on the state and state laws. It is the property owner's choice whether they would like to handle this issue themselves or put the property management company in charge of it.

Evictions "Right to Quit"

In certain cases, we cover attorney costs.

Realty Services

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