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About 21 Property Management

About Us

"We don't bill you for anything without your knowledge"

Once acceptable tenant agreed upon by landlord, landlord can hire us to "manage" their property.

21 property management Fee

10% of monthly rent includes:

  • Quarterly inspections
  • Collections of rent
  • Repairs - we will give the owner best price for all repairs worked with contractors for a long time we get best quotes, will not go through with anything unless the owner absolutely agrees.

If you are looking for professional service with a company that is very knowledgeable about the rental market or are seeking to find a company which takes care of all aspects associated with renting your properties 21 property management may be a good fit. We do work better with individuals who are not looking to be involved in the day to day decision making but rather want a company who will handle this and keep them informed of anything major that needs to be dealt with. We are a fully insured property management company with an onsite title agency and in house notary services ready to work on behalf of your rental property. We also work with section 8!

Other services 21 property management offer;
  • Quarterly inspections of your rental property
  • 24 hour hotline for all tenants and landlords
  • 3 day turn around timetable once payment has been received
  • Contractors available 24 hours 7 days no extra charge for estimates
  • No charge for legal questions from landlords
  • Attorney Available for all evictions and notices
Pre-approved insurance companies;

State Farm


Detroit Housing Commission
BAE Systems
AHRN.com (military housing)